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"To give every business the best fighting chance not only to survive but to succeed in a global market" - "It has been firmly demonstrated that incubators dramatically reduce the failure rate of technology driven companies"

welcomed its first company in January 1990. Since then, 99 fledgling businesses have been nurtured, 92 going on to establish themselves - a success rate well in excess of the national average. Over 500 jobs have been created by these start up businesses and company growth ranges between 15% and 1200%

Why Incubate?
High tech start ups are particularly vulnerable businesses, with marketing and financial failings the main stumbling blocks. The principals are usually immersed in the product and processes, so there is often a need for a supportive structure to actively promote best business practice within the start-up.

What are the entry criteria?
Firstly, your company must be a start-up, or young, and have less than 15 employees or so. Ideally, there will be a leaning towards high technology, though this is not mandatory by any means - many disciplines are fostered within the Incubator from laser technology to the invention and manufacture of board games. You will either have a business/marketing plan or we will work with you to complete this before entering SUI.
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